Angus Cattle Raised Right

Our cattle are raised on a 100% antibiotic and hormone free ranch. We use rotational grazing to ensure our cattle are eating the most nutrient dense grass they can. We supplement with top quality hay that we also grow here on the farm. Our cattle are finished on a combination of grass and natural grains. The grain is a mixture of corn, cotton seed hulls, beet pellets, oats, sunflower meal pellets, and mineral. You can rest assured that we strive for the best tasting Angus beef that we can produce.

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    Great people and great beef. I know John takes his cows seriously and it shows in the product!

    - Adam Urhich

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    Ashcraft Beef is sooooooo good! Best meat around!

    - Buddy Markham

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    Just had a T-Bone tonight! This is what beef should taste like! Thanks John & Kellie.

    - Glen VanWagoner

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    It is awesome...all the way around!! we have loved it for 4 years now!!
    - Mary Jo Blaine

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    I have yet to be disappointed by Ashcraft Beef. Excellent beef and the service is excellent.

    - Randy Lee

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    Four generations of our family like your beef - from 4 to 83. That is an almost impossible accomplishement!

    - Desiree Watts

Fed Ex 2 Day Shipping Map

Please see the map for a detailed area of where we will successfully ship out our meat via 2 day GROUND without any issues. If you are out of the highlighted BLUE and PINK areas, then please contact us prior to checking out, for exact shipping rates. Thank you.

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