The faces behind the brand

Hi Y'all! We are John and Kellie Ashcraft, a dedicated farming and agricultural couple committed to the raising, harvesting and delivering the highest quality of beef to the local market. We have been happily married for over 22 years now - wow time sure does move fast! We have lived in Ellis County for the majority of those years. All of our cattle are raised right here on the farm that we also live on. John has been a commercial farmer for all of his adult life and for the past 18 years his main focus has been on improving the quality of our herd. We strive to bring you quality beef at a reasonable price. All of our Angus cattle are antibiotic and hormone free, finished on grass and grain, and sent to a Texas State &/or a USDA inspected processing facility. We feel that there is a big importance of finishing cattle on grain the last 140-180 days before processing. Not only does it supplement their nutrients but it also gives that marbling throughout the beef that our customers have come to expect. This grain is a mixture of corn, cottonseed hulls, sunflower meal, beet pulp pellets, oats and minerals to finish it off. Once at the processor, our beef is then dry aged for 14-21 days which enhances the flavor and tenderness. Upon completion of the dry aging, once cut and packaged, they are then flash frozen to lock in all that freshness. YUMMY!  

You can order anything from 10 lbs. of hamburger meat, to a whole cow. We offer price reductions when purchasing in bulk. We look forward to being your one stop shop for all of your fresh beef needs.

We're glad you're here. Remember that good beef starts with good cattle!